2024 Ski World Cup

Gift yourself a memorable event

From 20th to 21st December 2024, a series of ski competitions, music, shows and performances will be rolled out to entertain you within the incredible atmosphere of the Ski World Cup. The legendary Saslong ski run is all set to thrill you and get your adrenaline pumping. The awards ceremony will be held in Ortisei in Piazza Sant'Antonio, practically opposite the Hotel Genziana... an opportunity for our guests that simply cannot be missed!

Close to life, far from routine!

In the Dolomites, a natural heritage of humanity

Close your eyes and you'll begin to discern only the sounds and scents of the Dolomites and the forests in Val Gardena. Rediscover the pleasure of fresh air caressing your senses during a hike along mountain trails. Open your eyes and remain breathless before the majestic Dolomites (a UNESCO Humanity Heritage Site) in Trentino Alto Adige, the thousand colours of mountain meadows in full bloom, and the crystal-clear blue sky with clouds as white as whipped cream during sunny summer days in Val Gardena.

From the Hotel Genziana in Ortisei, you can easily discover new paths through nature every day, either on foot or with the nearby lifts. You'll enjoy cool woods, mountain streams, waterfalls, broad pastures, traditional farmsteads and huts where you can rest for a bit and admire the peaks of the Dolomites, and the typical flora and fauna in the Tyrolese mountains.